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The romantic location of our villa, immerse yourself in nature and fully center yourself, in your private getaway. Oraía Théa is your central hub, to explore the islands many historic sites, nature trails and traditions villages.


Perri Beach

A unique and exclusive beach, at only a 10 minute walk away. Perfect to relax and enjoy the beautiful Aegean Sea in peace. This beach is a unique mix of the typical Stone beaches of Samos and beautiful crystal silver sand.


Balos Beach

At just a 10 minute short drive away, Balos offers a beautiful calm bay, with many traditional restaurants to enjoy an authentic Greek cuisine.

Restaurant Stella

A hidden gem on the island, this restaurant is run by a passionate and extremely talented chef. Expect to see a new menu everyday, excellent for foodies, who want to taste a large variety of flavours that are brought to your table the whole evening.